I’m Back

My last post was about eight months ago. In those eight months, life changed dramatically for me. My mother became sick again with cancer, after years in remission, and this time it came back fast and furious. It attacked her lungs and eventually her complete body, shortening her life to a mere three months. Life … More I’m Back

Aguacate vs. Palta

I have been eating avocados since the dawn of my days. The creamy texture and unique flavor of these fruits have always fascinated me. I eat it in soups, with rice and beans, guacamole with nachos, or simply by itself with a pinch of salt and pepper and a bit of olive oil on top. … More Aguacate vs. Palta

Pucusana, Lima, Perú

During my exploration in the southern coastal region of Lima, I visited the district of Pucusana. Its name derives from a combination of a Quechua dialect of the coast and the Aymara language. Pucu means “red” (from the Quechua) and Sana means “abundance of something” (from the Aymara). The name refers to the reddish tones present … More Pucusana, Lima, Perú

Ten Days in Perú

I have been in Peru for ten days and it has been one amazing experience so far. I am visiting this wonderful South American country as part of my international field experience required for my Masters of Arts in International Studies. I will be staying in this foreign yet fascinating land for ten weeks. These … More Ten Days in Perú