Pitt County Police Officer at His Best


Earlier today, at 3:27 pm, I saw a Pitt County Deputy Sheriff expressing one of the most amazing human traits, compassion. I was driving eastbound on 5th Street, behind Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina, towards the intersection with Memorial Drive. This officer of the law was handing food and a drink to a lonely lady, who seems to be homeless, sitting on a chair on the sidewalk. I couldn’t see much, as I was passing by, but I can tell her face lit up. The caring attitude of this police officer restored my somewhat tainted hope in humanity.

In recent years, we keep hearing of some of the atrocities committed by police officers in the United States against people, many of them being African Americans and other minority groups. These officers have been depicted as hateful, racists and brutal enforcers of the law. Today I can reaffirm that not all cops are bad. We have good people and we also have bad apples everywhere, but this doesn’t mean we should label all police officers as bad or incompetent.

Today I witnessed the commitment to “Protect and Serve” at its maximum expression. Who was this police officer? I don’t know.  I just know he was a young African American, wearing his sharp light-khaki uniform shirt, and that lady’s angel for a moment. I congratulate this officer, whoever he is, wherever he is, and if I had the opportunity I would shake his hand for such a selfless expression. I’m proud of him!


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