I’m Back


My last post was about eight months ago. In those eight months, life changed dramatically for me. My mother became sick again with cancer, after years in remission, and this time it came back fast and furious. It attacked her lungs and eventually her complete body, shortening her life to a mere three months. Life was difficult at the time. Stress, anxiety and uncertainty invaded my mind and body. Fortunately, a group of dear friends, the magnificent seven as I called them, were there to help me with mom unconditionally, otherwise I could have never dealt with the situation by myself. Time and the destructive nature of cancer consumed my mother’s body and mind, eventually extinguishing her life. Her last breath was not alone; she was surrounded by people who loved her when she crossed the door and departed to the eternal life, joining my dad and my grandma.

The following months were very difficult, I struggled and I fell apart, I was broken. It felt as if suddenly I was floating on empty space, lonely, with nothing to grab on. Slowly and with the support of amazing friends, classmates, professors and mentors, I have been able to recover and to start rebuilding my life.

It is for this reason The Fourth Explorer had been silent. There was no spark and no motivation to write. But things have changed, the spark is coming back and the desire to continue exploring has bloomed once again.

Enjoy my blog!!!!




2 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Welcome back. So sorry for your loss. I understand your feelings. I have felt the same since I lost my dad.


  2. No sabes lo que significó para mi la conversación de anoche porque antes no sabía ni cómo “approach” a ti. Pensaba y no me atrevía a preguntar. No tenía a quien preguntar, pero ya sé cómo estás y me has quitado un peso de encima.. Siempre puedes contar conmigo. Confío en que todo te saldrá bien y lo que no salga bien será lección de vida para fortalecer tu espíritu y tu voluntad. Sabes que te quiero y deseo lo mejor para ti. Nimia, tu segunda mamá


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