Pucusana, Lima, Perú

During my exploration in the southern coastal region of Lima, I visited the district of Pucusana. Its name derives from a combination of a Quechua dialect of the coast and the Aymara language. Pucu means “red” (from the Quechua) and Sana means “abundance of something” (from the Aymara). The name refers to the reddish tones present in the mountains surrounding the area. These tones are the result of the abundant content of iron oxide in this region.

Pucusana is known for its beautiful beaches sought by many tourists and its abundance in marine resources. Its residents mainly dedicated themselves to fishing, having a very active production in the area.

When I visited Pucusana,I only had the chance to visit its fishing market and some areas around the town.  I was able to observe the unloading of their daily catch, the processing and the packing. It is quite an operation involving many people moving around in a very unique synchronization.

The bay was quite a spectacle. That day, mid afternoon, there was a fog covering the area creating a very unique visual ambience. The bay was congested with all the fishing boats and it looked like an enormous colorful carpet covering the water.

Enjoy the pictures!


Official website of the Municipal District of Pucusana: http://www.munipucusana.gob.pe/



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