Santa María del Mar, Lima, Perú

During my time in San Bartolo I visited the neighboring district of Santa María del Mar. It is a place that stands out for its upscale arquitecture and beautiful beaches. It is a district that attracts many tourists, especially during the Peruvian summer (winter in the northern hemisphere). However, it is winter season at the moment, but its coastline, bathe in warm light from the sunset, still provides an inviting sensation to all those looking down the cliffs and enjoying at the same time the refreshing and cool breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean.

I also had the opportunity to meet with the mayor of Santa Maria del Mar, Mr. Marwan Zakharia Kahhat Abreddrabbo. He was born in Peru to Palestinian parents who migrated to South America many decades ago. I spent some time speaking to Mr. Marwan, who provided me with a unique insight about the socio-economic and political aspects of the region. He represents one of the many cultural heritages that gives a distinctive shape to the diverse cultural landscape of Peru. It was truly an honor to meet such an interesting individual with such a charismatic personality.



Santa María del Mar oficial site:


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