San Bartolo, Lima, Perú

San Bartolo is a district inside the city of Lima. It is a colorful town filled with strong community ties. The people in San Bartolo enjoy the casual talks in the “malecón” (water front) sharing their daily lives, catching up with events in the community or simply telling jokes. This Peruvian town with its beautiful coastline houses some of the best surfing you could find in the western hemisphere.

I spent a few days with friends enjoying the community warmth of this hidden and lovely place in the southern part of Lima, walking around, shopping at the “mercado” and tasting some of its delicious sea food and “pollo a la brasa” (roasted chicken). I had the honor of meeting several people who granted me the opportunity to learn more about the history and idiosyncrasies of San Bartolo and the Peruvian culture as well. I will definitely go back soon!




San Bartolo in Wikipedia:

Official site of San Bartolo:

El Comercio article on San Bartolo: “San Bartolo: el eterno balneario”


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